Hey there, I'm Maria!

Entrepreneur and User Experience Designer
I'm working on my next project as a second-time entrepreneur with my partner, Jeffrey Bunn, exploring new business ideas, and learning web development.
The goal of my next project is to help individuals improve their self-awareness and quality of thought, sense of satisfaction with life, and ability to take action by way of journaling. Being more introspective has been incredibly beneficial in my life, so I am very excited to craft a journaling experience that enables individuals to better understand themselves and their path in life.
In 2013, I co-founded and bootstrapped Mealime, a top meal planning app on iOS, Android, and the web, with my partner. I worked on creating a simple user experience that made figuring out "what's for dinner?" and cooking healthy meals more enjoyable. Mealime was acquired in 2018. Having learned a lot from the experience, I'm now applying the lessons to my new endeavour.
I enjoy travelling, reading, taking walks, listening to podcasts on road trips, cooking interesting meals, drinking cocktails, designing my home, and hiking/snowshoeing.
I'm based in Vancouver, BC, but enjoy travelling to new destinations regularly. My next trip is to Nova Scotia!
Thanks for visiting! If you'd like to chat or meet up for a coffee, please don't hesitate to reach out.
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